Eastern Aero Marine Life Raft (T9), Classic Raft, Single Tube, FAA Type II, 9-Man

Eastern Aero Marine Life Raft (T9), Classic Raft, Single Tube, FAA Type II, 9-Man
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Eastern Aero Marine Life Raft (T9), Classic Raft, Single Tube, FAA Type II, 9-Man
Life Raft (T9), Classic Raft, Single Tube, FAA Type II, 9-Person

USA: FAA TSO-C70a Type II Approved
Germany: LBA No. 40.320/13
Japan: JCAB No. 535
Australia: ANO 
Classic Non-Transport Category Aircraft. For air taxi, corporate and general aviation. Single Tube. Compact, lightweight. Constructed of neoprene coated nylon. High tech inflation system. Competitively priced.

Rated Capacity: 9 Persons
Overload Capacity: 13 Persons

Life Raft (T9), Classic Raft, Single Tube, FAA Type II, 9-Man Non-Transport Series single tube life rafts are intended for crewmember and passenger use aboard aircraft during over water emergencies.  These rafts are comprised of a circular flotation tube compartmentalized into two chambers by vertical bulkheads and a fabric deck which is attached to the tube structure.  Neoprene coated nylon fabric is used throughout each raft design.  A combination life line/grasp assists in boarding.
These life rafts have a lanyard-activated, manually-operated carbon dioxide (CO2) inflation system.  A manually-operated hand pump, secured to the boarding station handle affords full inflation, or topping off of the flotation chambers, if required.  Each of the two compartmentalized chambers in maintained to equal pressure by individual pressure relief valves – one in each chamber.
Miscellaneous accessories are contained about the raft perimeter.  Appropriate instructions for the use of these accessories are printed on the tube and deck.  A raft instruction manual is tied to the boarding handle on the deck.
Each raft has a canopy which is stowed with survival kit items that are contained in a red or yellow accessory case attached by a line to a raft life line loop.  The canopy contains a door opening with a roll up door cover and a rainwater collector in the top or roof panel.  Canopy rods and a center mast are provided to support the canopy when it is erected.  The canopy, its center mast and supporting rods are encased in a protective bag.  Canopy sides can be raised or lowered as required.  In the Non-Transport Series rafts which have Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135 survival equipment, the raft has a radar reflector which is an integral part of the canopy.  Life rafts with survival equipment under FAR part 121 rules do not require, and thus do not have, a radar reflector unless ordered as a special option.

Raft Specifications:

Life Raft, 9-Man

Rated Capacity: 9Persons
Overload Capacity: 13 Persons
Total Tube Buoyancy: 1676 lbs. (760.23 kg)
Deck Area per Person (at rated capacity): 3.70 sq ft (0.34 sq m)Custom Packs Available.
Radio Beacons, Emergency locator Transmitters,
Watermakers and Specialized Survival Kits Available.Notes:
Dimensions and weights shown are nominal and do not allow for pack expansion or swelling.
Tolerances of actual pack dimensions:

  • For dimensions of 5.5 inches and less = -0.25/+1.0 inches.
  • For dimensions greater than 5.5 inches: = +/- 0.5 inches.

For stowage compartment clearance, allow additional 0.5 to 1.5 inches in excess of final pack dimensions.
Tolerance of actual pack weight = +/- 3.0 lbs.
Allow additional 2.0 to 4.0 lbs weight when ELT installed.

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