Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer of Objectives & Responsibilities
This website and its contents are posted and updated on the Internet to provide information about Liferafts Asia (CV. Liferafts Asia). The Liferafts website. Asia provides all data information or material contained on this application's website unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer of Liability
Liferafts website. Aia is not responsible for the accuracy of the information data provided on our application website. risk is the user receiving the information.

The Liferafts.Asia website does not make a commitment to updating information in the form of any purpose

We have the right to change or update the data information on the contents of the website/application without prior notice.

In any circumstance and form, Liferafts Asia is not responsible to the user or any party for all forms and types of direct damages, both directly and indirectly, and with special or other consequential consideration widely for each use of this website, including but not limited to: lost profits, losses, technical interruptions, business interruptions, program losses, network interruptions in part or all other information data in your information handling system and/or others.

Business relationships
The Liferafts Asia website has a form of collaboration with third parties, which is owned or operated by third parties. and such third party websites are not under our control.
Users are subject to and agree to the terms and conditions of access to this website/application in all forms of risk

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