Viking Liferaft Cradle DK+ 20-25 Person with Lashing

Viking Liferaft Cradle DK+ 20-25 Person with Lashing
Product : Liferaft Cradle Youlong KHK 25-30 Person
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Viking liferaft Cradle 20 Person - 25 Person Liferaft Cradle, galvanized mounts all cylindrical container liferafts including Lashing

A standard Viking Liferaft Cradle designed to meet the requirements for stowage of your Viking liferaft in a marine and offshore environment. A proven structure that has been used by Viking for decades. The cradle should be mounted by bolting to the hull foundation support. ­

Bolt, washers and nuts will not be supplied by Viking as they may differ in length depending on the support foundation onboard. Pre-drilled foundation holes have a diameter of 12mm.

Cradle fits the following cylindrical container Viking Liferaft sizes:­

- 20DK+
- 25DK+

Viking Cradle w/ lashing for DK+ Liferafts 20-25 Man galvanized-steel-cradl

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