Life Ring Buoy SOLAS RS-5555

Life Ring Buoy SOLAS RS-5555
Product : Ring Buoy SOLAS RS-5555
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Life Ring Buoy SOLAS, IMPA, CCS, EC, ZY

Marine lifebuoy - Life Saving Floating Rings RS-5555-II/RS-5555-I

Life Ring Buoy RS-5555-II/RS-5555-I Comply with the Amendment 1996 of 1974 International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, the International Life-saving Appliance Code LSA and the regulations on life-saving appliance tests of the Marine Safety Committee Decision MSC.81(70).


Product detail: 

IMPA Code Outer diameter Inner diameter Thickness Weigt Buoyancy Approvals
330151 720 ±5mm 448 ±5mm 95~115 ≥2.5kg ≥14.5kg CCS/EC
330154 760 ±5mm 468 ±5mm 95~115 ≥4.3kg ≥14.5kg CCS/EC


  • Standard: SOLAS
  • Certificate: CCS/EC
  • Buoyancy: ≥143N
  • weight: 2.5kg/
  • Outside material: HDPE
  • Inside material: hard PU
  • Colour: orange
  • Outer diameter: 720±5mm/760±5mm
  • Inner diameter: 448±5mm/468±5mm
  • Thickness: 95~115mm








Ring Buoy - Marine lifebuoy ring

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