Worldwide Life Rafts Supplier

Worldwide Life Rafts Supplier
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Worldwide Life Rafts Supplier

life-saving equipment or rescue rafts (Liferafts) that must be provided as for any ship sailing on the sea
evacuation from the vessel-ships can be done without manually launching any of them as the life rafts are designed with an auto-inflatable system. Liferafts are much easier to launch as compared to other emergency life-saving appliances.
Liferafts details from SOLAS Chapter III for types and the number of life rafts to be carried as per the size and type of the ship.

Life rafts or lifeboats or rescue rafts / inflatable boats that can inflate/inflate are used to save lives in the case of ships having to be abandoned in an emergency at sea.
liferaft that can be developed when thrown in the sea or automatically a raft can expand at a certain depth. This auxiliary safety equipment is a safety device that is commonly used by ships because of its practicality in use, small space used, and has a large carrying capacity (some with a capacity of 6, 10, 15, 20, and 25, 100 people can even for a charged capacity big).

We provide various types, types, and capacities of Liferaft throughout the world, both those with Solas approval and those non-Solas approved.

Worldwide Life Rafts Supplier

We are ready to ship the life rafts worldwide to your destination.


Worldwide Life Rafts Supplier



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