Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft

Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
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Product : Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft
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SAR-6 Life Raft  Switlik

Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft The World’s Finest Blue Water Offshore Raft

Featuring the Convertible Canopy, & Toroidal Stability Device.
Military Grade.

SAR-6 MKII Quality materials, Superior Construction.The SAR-6 MKII is the marine version of the air-droppable life raft (Model LRU-20) design for the United States coast guard’s helicopters and fixed wing aircraft along with the Royal Australian Air Force.

We build the SAR-6 MKII using 16-oz./sq.yd. Nylon fabric coated inside and out with puncture and abraslon resistant Urethane. It is constructed with the same pride and to the same high quality control standards as all Switlik life-saving equipment.
Convertible Canopy.  Jump In.

When inflated, the canopy remains furled making it very safe and simple to get in. Once inside the raft the canopy and the side doors can be closed by the waterproof zippers, keeping the elements out while maintaining proper ventilation.
Hand laid fiberglass case or durable valise bag.

Mount it to the deck or store it in a easy to access compartment for quick deployment. Either pack method will provide years of protection ensuring your raft will work in a time of need.

Switlik SAR-6 Transoceanic Life Raft


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