Inflatable Life Raft

Inflatable Life Raft
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Inflatable Life Raft

LIFE RAFT - LIFERAFTS inflatable life raft for sale, price, life raft rental,

Life rafts or lifeboats or rescue rafts / inflatable boats that can inflate / inflate are used to save lives in the case of ships having to be abandoned in an emergency at sea.
liferaft that can be developed when thrown in the sea or automatically a raft can expand at a certain depth. This auxiliary safety equipment is a safety device that is commonly used by ships because of its practicality in use, small space used and has a large carrying capacity (some with a capacity of 6, 10, 15, 20 and 25, 100 people can even for a charged capacity big).

Liferaft is positioned on the side of the ship and some are on the front side of the ship. Life raft is equipped with HRU (Hydrostatic Release) tool, HRU functions as a cutting tool (Lashing Wire) with liferaft seat (Cradle Deck) so that the liferaft unit can be detached from the deck cradle and expand like a rescue rubber boat. For manual use the liferaft unit is equipped with a gas pulling rope to develop a liferaft which is on the side of the liferaft or on the front side of the liferaft.

Instructions for manual use of the liferaft

Perlengkaan liferaft (Liferaft Equipment) :

Maintenance of Liferaft: Service, Maintenance
There are emergency pack equipment in the liferaft equipment, some of which have expired equipment that must be replaced every year (Parachute, redhand flare, smoke signal, dringking water ration, food ration, anti sea sickness, first aid kits), therefore ILR (Inflatable Liferaft) must be serviced, maintained and re-certified every year to ensure that the liferaft is suitable for the safety of the crew and passengers.

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