CSM-MES marine evacuation system (MES)

CSM-MES marine evacuation system (MES)
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Product : CSM-MES Marine Evacuation Systems
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CSM-MES Marine evacuation systems

The CSM-MES series of vertical Marine evacuation systems. Products conformity"The 1974 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)Convention and its amendments." Suitable for large passenger and cruise ships . Certificate: China Classification Society (CCS), Greece Branch of China Classification Society (EC).
A marine evacuation system (MES) is a lifesaving device found on many modern passenger ships or oil rigs consisting of an inflatable slide or escape chute where a passenger can evacuate straight into waiting life rafts.

Name Type No.of Evacuation Platform Capacity Dimension of System
CSM-MES-X(360) Single Vertical Chute 360 pers/30mins 72 pers 2220×1500×2360 2700
CSM-MES(I)-X(700) Double Vertical Chutes 700 pers/30mins 140 pers 3200×1650×2400 3450

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